Devout (Chocolate Hazelnut)

Brewery Name: 3 Nations Brewing

Origin Location: Farmers Branch, TX

Type of Beer: Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet

IBU: 0

ABV: 8.3

Our line of Imperial Milk Stouts is a culmination of our love for the finest ingredients and the highest quality beer out in the market. The Devout series is a direct result of our passion and respect for tradition, an homage to flavor and aroma. Chocolate Hazelnut is an example of delicious dessert blended with your favorite dark coffee; the nose is powerfully fragrant with rich notes of hazelnut that opens up to sweet flavors of milk chocolate, roast and coffee in its full body. The finish is wonderfully mouth-coating, slightly dry and beautifully lingering. Try it with your favorite coffee-rubbed steak or roast; hearty red Texas chili or after a meal as a standalone dessert.